Script Kiddies

Lacking programming knowledge or skill, script kiddies use code and tools created by others to launch cyber attacks and gain unauthorised access to data. 

Usually, script kiddies learn basic hacking techniques from online sources such as YouTube, or utilise free tools aimed at budding penetration testers. Combined with pre-existing scripts and software, script kiddies are able to perform attacks on companies and individuals. Often, these script kiddies may not understand the mechanics and theory behind what they are doing, so are not classed as hackers specifically. 

Where organised crime gangs operate cyber attacks, they may make use of script kiddies. Although they may be hired by large criminal groups, script kiddies can, and do, launch attacks of their own, too. If not working for a larger criminal gang, script kiddies may be indiscriminate in their targets. The unsophisticated nature of their knowledge means that they may simply try to attack any computer that they can, working opportunistically.