Careers in Cyber Security

The cyber security industry is extremely diverse and far reaching, with roles ranging from the technical side of things, such as penetration testers and cryptographers, to the human side of cyber security, in roles such as marketing or education. Careers in cyber security are ever-growing, and therefore so is the need for cyber security professionals. 

Whether analysing algorithms or raising awareness of good cyber security practices, the industry is fast-paced and exciting. The cyber security community is welcoming and those within it are passionate about the industry. Always glad to see other progress, many members of the industry are happy to give advice to those looking into a cyber security career. 

With such varied roles available, it is important to consider which roles you may personally be interested in. Online research is of course always useful, though cyber security events will give a real feel for the community and the different roles within it. These are found throughout the world, with many in the UK. Similarly, school-age students can look into the various initiatives aimed to inform of cyber security careers, and encourage those wishing to pursue this line of work. By researching and understanding which areas of cyber security you are most interested in, you can then take the next steps to make this a reality. 

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