Cyber Security in the Home

Cyber security in the home comes down to understanding and awareness, as well as implementing added security measures. 

Most homes today are filled with devices and systems which use the internet. Computers, smartphones, gaming systems and IoT devices will all require an internet connection, meaning that the WiFi network must be safe. Ways of securing your home WiFi network are relatively simple but effective. By simply changing the preset router names and passwords, these details may be harder to guess by others and become encrypted. A strong password should be at least 15 characters long, making use of letters, numbers and symbols. 

The notion of strong passwords should continue throughout the home into every device and account. Where available, take advantage of multi-factor authentication, to add another dimension of protection to accounts and therefore the cyber-security of the wider home. 

If possible, try to use the latest security software, and ensure that you are regularly updating your devices. As many security vulnerabilities are detected over time, updates often serve to fix these flaws. Updating all devices when available will mean that your devices have the most recent security within them, which can be far more effective than previous versions. 

Backing up important information, documents and photos works as a way of insuring your files in the case of a security breach. By having another copy of work or data, important or sentimental items are not at such a risk of loss.  
Just as important as passwords and security software is an informed and mindful attitude towards cyber security. By staying aware of scams and the social engineering techniques which are used to exploit targets, a household will be all the more protected. Remember that anyone can be a victim of cyber attacks, no matter age, profession or income bracket. Educating the household on what to be wary of and why is vital in the cyber security of the home. Should a member suspect they have been attacked, the police or companies involved should be contacted straight away.