Cyber Security for the Board

Being a board member for any organisation is a position which holds a lot of responsibility, including that to develop an effective cyber security framework. The role of board member involves managing risk, and cyber attack is, of course, a risk to every company. With the success of the business at the heart of every decision made, board members must recognise that good cyber security is integral to the success of a company.

Beginning with understanding the importance of strong cyber security measures, board members must then expand their knowledge of it. There is no expectation that board members become experts in cyber security, but that they establish an understanding of good cyber security practice in the context of their business. This would involve knowing enough to support other members of the organisation, as well as asking the experts relevant questions where needed, and knowing what to do with the answers. These experts can work with board members to devise the best strategy which considers the type of organisation, budget, customer-base and more, resulting in the most effective cyber security framework which works in the context of the business. 

Unfortunately, the perception of cyber security as a technical entity holds many back from properly engaging in the subject and the approaches to it. This has meant that the extent to which organisations have actively recognised the importance of cyber security on the human and business level has been negatively impacted. However, cyber security is integral to successful business practice, so it is essential that board members grasp the other aspects of cyber security, rather than reduce it to a purely technical domain. Increasingly so, demonstrating an interest in and understanding of business-focused cyber security is critical in gaining a board member role. 

Considering the importance of cyber security, and its role in business is an essential aspect of the role of board member. If cyber security is emphasised at the board level, then cyber security of the wider organisation will be greatly improved.