Cyber Security Governance for Organisations

Cyber security governance for organisations refers to the ways in which an organisation manages its cyber security risks. This encompasses how cyber security practices work and are coordinated throughout the company. More specifically, this comes down to having an understanding and structure of accountability and responsibilities, entailing working out what decisions need to be made and by who, and then who will oversee these structures. Finally, checks and balances are important in cyber security governance to ensure things are going as planned and that the approach taken to cyber security is working effectively. 

The shape that governance regimes take is dependent upon the organisation in question. Everything from the size and budget of the organisation to the sector and its security culture should be taken into account. External factors play an important role in determining a cyber security governance approach because aspects such as legal requirements and customer-base must also be considered. Similarly, the risks posed to the organisation, as well as the important information it holds must be looked at to determine the best strategies and frameworks for the best protection. 

A security governance framework is successful when it functions well and is clear to all involved in the organisation. It should work so that people are able to manage risks within their relevant level of responsibility. Where board members are concerned, each member should have an appropriate level of cyber security awareness to allow them to add to an organisation’s cyber security governance. This may work best when board members use their own outside strengths to work on a section of cyber security. For example, some may be better in a human capacity while others may have more to offer to the legal side of cyber security. 

By organising a clear format for cyber security governance, employees will better understand their roles and responsibilities in the security of an organisation. The mapping out of risks, policies and measures is important in the effectiveness of cyber security and sets a standard across the board.