Edward Snowden: Traitor or Hero? 3,000 Surveyed Across 3 Countries

Just over two years ago, on 5 June 2013, the first stories based on the documents Edward Snowden took from the NSA were published. Snowden became a household name as his exposé of Internet surveillance by the NSA in the US and GCHQ in the UK hit headlines across the World (as shown by the catalogue of work produced by Glenn Greenwald on the subject). A couple of years down the line and we have enough hindsight to see how his actions, and the revelations which followed, have impacted the debate on privacy and security, but we are also close enough to the events to still feel the ripples, as evidenced by the recent story in The Sunday Times and the subsequent fall-out.  It seems fair to say that we are still in the initial stages of the public debate regarding Snowden’s actions and where the line between personal privacy and national security lies. Two years ‘post-Snowden’, how do people feel about what he did and how does this differ according to national identity and culture? Read More