2016 Cyber Security Conferences – update

This week has seen some important changes in news about UK cyber security conferences:

  • I’m sorry to see that 44CON Cyber Security won’t be running this year, although I  have no doubt the main 44CON event in September will be as excellent as always
  • Great to see that DC44141 launched in Glasgow and was a very popular night – follow @ZephrFish for news of the next meet-up
  • Impressed to read the submissions for BSides London this year – there’s some tough competition! I hope my talk gets through but, regardless, I’m really looking forward to the day. Voting has now opened so check out the submissions and vote here
  • Tickets for EMF Camp have now closed, but with the promise that more may be available nearer the date
  • Don’t forget that more tickets for Steelcon go on sale next week. This conference is unmissable in my book – an absolute favourite.

Here’s an updated summary of my pick of the best UK Cyber Security conferences and events for spring and summer this year:

Spring Summer Cyber Security Cons 2016 v3

By Dr Jessica Barker