Weekly news. Personal data: bugs, blunders and banks

WHSmith ‘bug’ spreads customer data: thousands of WHSmith magazine subscribers have received emails containing the names, addresses and phone numbers of other customers owing to a processing “bug”

London Sexual Health Clinic Data Breach Revealed Patient Details – 56 Dean Street clinic in London sent a newsletter to around 780 patients who were copied into the “To” section of the email, rather than anonymously via the “bcc” address bar. This meant that, instead of hiding the personal details of those on its recipient list, it included their full names and email addresses

New Account Fraud Almost Doubles for UK Banks: the second quarter of 2015 has seen a huge jump in the number of (detected and prevented) fraudulent applications for UK current bank accounts as criminals continue to evolve their tactics

Lizard Squad DDoS the NCA: Lizard Squad briefly brought down the NCA website a few days after the NCA arrested six teenagers for using their DDoS paid service. Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attack on twitter and used the opportunity to advertise their new paid-for service…

The FBI Investigate Hubspot Book Incident: a cybercrime investigation is opened into alleged attempts by ex-Hubspot employees to steal a book draft about the US marketing and sales software company