Weekly news: a $46m phishing theft, what it means to be the victim of a huge cyber attack and conference season in Vegas

Inside two of the biggest cyber attacks in history

The CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment discusses how they coped with being attacked.

A former Security Advisor to Saudi Aramco talks about the attack that destroyed 35,000 of their computers.

Spearphishing Fraud

A social engineering attack, in the form of spearphishing email, resulted in the theft of $46.7m from Ubiquiti Networks.

News from Vegas

Black Hat 2015 included talks on internet freedom, SCADA/ICS vulnerabilities and how the US Department of Justice draws the line between cyber crime and legitimate research. Read this summary from Violet Blue.

Day 1 at Bsides Las Vegas covered talks on how to get the world to take security seriously, communicating metrics to executives and what it takes to fix passwords. Day 2 looked at open source intelligence and posting personally identifiable information online, how to utilise social media in incident response and more password trouble-shooting. Read Tripwire’s summaries of Day 1 and Day 2.

Privacy news

Germany rules that Facebook may not stop users in Germany from creating accounts in false names.

Wearable technology enters the workplace.